Muti Marane (Jurgen Scholtanus) is a young trumpet player from the Netherlands.

The fact that he grew up in a small town in the north of the Netherlands doesn’t seem to make his international style less natural. While trying to find his way out of the ordinary, he worked his way into the ArtEZ conservatory of Zwolle, where he got to develop and sophisticate his style of playing the trumpet and 

composing as well.


Muti Marane means “Let’s turn it on” in a degenerated pun of the dutch language. After years of touring with other bands across Europe, with styles that vary from Jazz to Indiepop, it was time to get together his own personnel and start his solo career. Inspired mostly by Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Roy Hargrove, Ibrahim Maalouf, Avishai Cohen and Ben Wendel he finds himself with a divergent collection of influences which inspired him to write and develop his own music which will be recorded in May of 2019.


Curious about Muti Marane? Listen to the Demo's